Path to freedom

Path to Freedom:

Leading a life of Joy, Impact, and Abundance

Many of today’s leaders, CEO’s and executives live their lives in a state of rush. Rush to catch up with time, rush to make more money, rush to stay ahead of the competition, rush to climb up the ladder and gain more power and prestige. They may be perceived as successful and meet all the external measures of success, but when you dig in and go deeper, you may find signs of chronic stress, broken relationships, health issues, lack of meaning, and a general state of unhappiness and unrest.

In my work with high performing leaders, I get the pleasure and honor to be their trusted advisor. Very soon after our initial conversation, and in response to a few penetrating questions, they drop their shields and show their true sense of frustration and dissatisfaction. It is lonely at the top, and they don’t get very many opportunities to speak about their deepest fears, desires and frustrations. This is where the real work begins. And we start exploring and co-creating a new possibility where they not only can lead a fulfilling life, but also can be more successful beyond their expectations.

This book sets the foundation for this work. In working with my clients, and in my own experience, I have discovered that to create a truly fulfilling and balanced life, three ingredients of Joy, Impact and Abundance need to be present simultaneously. It is like a 3-legged stool, where if one of the legs is weak or short, the structure is not stable. It is living inside the intersection of these three key ingredients that a life of flow and fulfillment is achieved. The state of rushing and constantly doing more, is shifted to a state of being in the flow, where thoughts, words and actions are synergistically and harmoniously aligned toward a meaningful purpose. In this state of being, we have access to and operate from our own innate creativity, wisdom and resourcefulness. We get to push less and achieve more.

Leaders who lack the joy aspect, seem to conduct a mechanical and dull life. Leaders who lack the impact aspect, seem to lead a life void of meaning and may feel empty inside. Leaders who lack the abundance aspect, seem to constantly struggle with limitations, restrictions and financial pressures.

My intention in writing this book was to make it as short, concise and practical as possible. The book is divided into four parts; each part focusing on a core topic of joy, impact, abundance, and freedom. Each part starts with an exploration of core concepts and ideas, followed by a set of practical exercises and practices to help integrate the core concepts into daily life. And each part ends with a set of tools and resources that can help the reader go deeper into the subjects.

“Path to Freedom is a simple, practical yet powerful guidebook that helps readers wake up to their true potential, expand their of possibilities and create a life of joy, impact and abundance. This book maps out the journey of transformation and is packed with nuggets of insight, wisdom and action-oriented resources.”

—Kenneth R. Pelletier, PHD, MD is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSF and University of Arizona, and international best selling author of 13 books on health and wellness

“Path to Freedom is a powerful book that illuminates Very thoroughly the way to a happy and prosperous Highly recommended!!!”

—Steve Chandler,  Author of Time Warrior

“Every decade a book is written that take the concept of abundance, joy and impact one step forward. Nader’s book Path to Freedom is such a gem. It is practical, inspiring, beautiful and poetic. I love it and I am sure you will too.”

—Ayman Sawaf, best selling author Of EQ and Sacred Commerce

“Path to Freedom is an excellent book for leaders as well as for anyone seeking to improve any aspect of their lives. Nader’s book is powerful in its simplicity: clear, direct, motivational and highly actionable with many useful tips, exercises, and practices that can not only help you change your life, but more importantly help you sustain the beneficial changes. Two thumbs up!”

—Bruce Cryer, Founder, Renaissance Human; former CEO HeartMath; adjunct faculty Stanford University.

“People talk about manifesting the life you wish to lead, but Nader Vasseghi shows you how. Path to Freedom is a primer for anyone who wants to step into their power and become the person they were to be. This book is filled with so many meaningful insights, you may wish to brace yourself as you prepare to awaken to the highest version of yourself.”

—Merrick Rosenberg, founder and CEO of Take Flight Learning. and the author of The Chameleon and Taking Flight

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