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Nader is an executive coach, entrepreneur, author, and musician based in Silicon Valley, California.

He is the founder of Cnergist Inc., an executive coaching firm committed to transforming and elevating the lives of business leaders and high achievers, and the founder of SelfOptima, a web platform for optimal health. He was the founder and CEO of AuroraNetics, which was acquired by Cisco, where he went on to lead a business unit. Nader has over 35 years of experience in executive roles in public and private companies. He served as an adjunct professor at Palo Alto University, Business Psychology program. He is a CEO peer advisory Vistage chair, speaker, workshop leader, musician, certified hypnotherapist, and energy medicine practitioner.

About Nader
Path to Freedom

Path to Freedom:

Leading a Life of Joy, Impact, and Abundance

Many of today’s leaders and executives live their lives in a state of rush. Rush to catch up with time, rush to make more money, rush to stay ahead of the competition, rush to climb up the ladder and gain more power and prestige. They may be perceived as successful and meet all the external measures of success, but when you dig in and go deeper, you may find signs of chronic stress, broken relationships, health issues, lack of meaning, and a general state of unhappiness and unrest.
In my work with high performing leaders, I get the pleasure and honor to be their trusted advisor. Very soon after our initial conversation, and in response to a few penetrating questions, they drop their shields and show their true sense of frustration and dissatisfaction. It is lonely at the top, and they don’t get very many opportunities to speak about their deepest fears, desires, and frustrations. This is where the real work begins. And we start exploring and co-creating a new possibility where they not only can lead a fulfilling life but also can be more successful beyond their expectations.
This book sets the foundation for this work. In working with my clients, and in my own experience, I have discovered that to create a truly fulfilling and balanced life, three ingredients of Joy, Impact, and Abundance need to be present simultaneously. It is like a 3-legged stool, where if one of the legs is weak or short, the structure is not stable. It is living inside the intersection of these three key ingredients that a life of flow and fulfillment is achieved. The state of rushing and constantly doing more is shifted to a state of being in the flow, where thoughts, words, and actions are synergistically and harmoniously aligned toward a meaningful purpose. In this state of being, we have access to and operate from our own innate creativity, wisdom, and resourcefulness. We get to push less and achieve more.
My intention in writing this book was to make it as short, concise and practical as possible. The book is divided into four parts; each part focusing on a core topic of joy, impact, abundance, and freedom. Each part starts with an exploration of core concepts and ideas, followed by a set of practical exercises and practices to help integrate the core concepts into daily life. And each part ends with a set of tools and resources that can help the reader go deeper into the subjects.

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Music is the language of the soul, the bridge between the world of material and ethereal, a universal tool to create beauty on earth. And beauty points the attention to the source.

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